Frank Lloyd Wright® Usonian Collection Flat Weaves

At only $199, these flat weaves make marvelous gifts!

""Why use floor cloths?""

They’re hygenic because floor cloths are so easy to clean—just wipe them off with a damp cloth. For heavy accumulations, use a mild hand soap—not dish soap—and then rinse with water. They can also be sprayed with a disinfectant; no dust or dust mites! Floor cloths add warmth to cold floors; the durable vinyl surface is non-slip; protects wood floors while standing up to years of heavy traffic; lies completely flat, so there’s no trip hazard; guaranteed fade resistant for 3 years; crayons marks wipe right off!

These lovely, hand-loomed cotton flat weave rugs are based on drawings and decorative accent designs by Frank Lloyd Wright. Barbara Barran has interpreted them, adding updated colors to make the rugs easier to fit into today’s interiors. Use these 3’ x 5’ rugs to create an accent area in a room.

Frank Lloyd Wright® Collection - PETTIT

Cotton flat weaves are ideal for children’s rooms. Their low pile height does not attract dust, and the rugs can be machine washed in cold water. Please line dry; do not put in the dryer.

Frank Lloyd Wright® Collection - Community

Mount these marvelous graphic designs on the wall to create interest and add texture to your rooms. Because of their textured surface, they also soften sound in a hard environment.

Frank Lloyd Wright® Collection - Coonley Blocks

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