Hand-loomed cotton. Made in India
3′ x 5′


Taliesin West Gate Finial Design. “Taliesin,” Welsh for “shining brow,” reflected the home’s placement, just below the ridge on the brow of the hill. A metal gate at the entrance welcomes visitors to Taliesin West with an interpretation of Wright’s Whirling Arrow. He based this design on an ancient Hohokam petroglyph, found while the campus was being constructed. In 1940, when the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation was established, the Whirling Arrow became its logo. This motif reminded Wright of two hands clasping in a gesture of friendship, the perfect symbol to greet newcomers to the property!

About the Frank Lloyd Wright Collection

Classic Rug Collection was selected by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to design and market several series of rugs based on Wright’s designs. The company was chosen in part based on my Klimt Collection, which illustrates beautifully how I can work with an artist’s designs to interpret them and translate them into rugs. The most important part of the collection is the Signature Series, a group of hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs made at the highest quality level. The initial collection has five rugs and two runners.

All of the products in the Signature Series can be ordered in any color, size, or material; there are also stock sizes available for immediate delivery. We can also make custom Frank Lloyd Wright designs. Please contact us for more information.

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