The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Launches Rugs

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s New Licensing Deal Is Here

How do you protect and promote the legacy of a historic designer? By inking some carefully framed licensing deals. This week, the fruits of some of those labors made their debut, thanks to the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Classic Rug Collection, Inc. Company president Barbara Barran’s translation of Wright’s own works are as thoughtful as they are graphically appealing. So be sure to consider the Usonian Collection’s floor cloths and flat weaves for your next craftsman project.

Roman and Williams Guild Tabletop Items Now Available Through Mr Porter

As of today, Mr Porter is the exclusive web partner of Roman and Williams Guild. What’s more, the partnership is being fêted with a 38-piece collection, now available through Mr Porter. The items included in the collection, which range in price from $40 to $3,215, embody the guild’s signature focus on the art of the table.

RH Rolls Out Not One but Many Rug Collections

What should designers be excited about this month? The reincarnation of RH Rugs, which is set to debut 175 separate collections. (Yes, you read that number right.) With materials that range from Mongolian cashmere to New Zealand wool to Peruvian alpaca, it might just be one of RH CEO Gary Friedman’s most ambitious flooring projects yet.

The Haas Brothers Go Micro for a Major Idea

As of today, the Haas Brothers are exclusively selling their Microfreak beaded sculptures through Sotheby’s Home. Twenty-five percent of sales from the sculptures, which sell for $1,500 each, will go to benefit the Lost Hills, California, community whose female artisans have been tasked to create the designs. “From an aesthetic standpoint, Microfreaks are miniature versions of the type of beaded work that we’ve made in the past,” the Haas Brothers tell AD PRO. “Each of them has a backstory and her own personality. They’re all superheroes in their own reality.”

Kara Mann Keeps the New Ideas Coming

The sofa is settled, the jute rug is perfect—but the cleaning supplies are a mess. In other words, those drugstore basics just aren’t up to par. Now, designer Kara Mann is here to save the day with a line of home essentials. Titled Kept Home by Kara Mann, her collection of brooms, dryer balls, dish towels, and more is out this week. Expect neutral colors and high-quality materials such as linen.